Terry Finds His Lost Employee Dividends and Shares

Terry was living and working in Newman, and after 26 years was made redundant by employer BHP.

Previously housed in company accommodation, Terry suddenly found himself in need of both a place to live and a place to work. With so much to consider, some things naturally fell by the wayside.

“When you’ve gotta go find a job and resettle quickly, the last thing you think about is redirecting your mail.”

Despite this, Investafind eventually tracked Terry down at his new residence in Bunbury, Western Australia, and handily notified him of his lost shares.

Used to getting bills, not large sums of money, Terry and his wife were understandably skeptical.

Having previously lost the equivalent of a house through investments gone wrong, they certainly had reason to doubt anything that seemed ‘too good to be true’, and when he received this notice about money owing to him, all the sceptical thoughts came rushing back.

What should have been elation turned into, “Who’s trying to scam me now?”.

As suggested by Investafind, Terry took the letter to a lawyer, who confirmed that the company and its promises of lost shares are indeed legitimate.

“When I told my wife that it was all true, she still didn’t believe me. Maybe I should show her my replenished share portfolio, or maybe the promise of some home renovations might cheer her up.”

While Terry worked with the Investafind team to recoup his lost shares, he decided to revisit Newman.

“It sure was an eye-opener returning to Newman to see boarded-up houses and my overflowing old letterbox.”

“Here I was, watching $1700 dividend cheques just blowing down the street along with my license renewal and plenty of other private material. People were just walking past them.”

“I can’t thank Jack and the team at Investafind enough for alerting me to these funds. They have been sensational”.

“They really put a smile on my dial”.

The names of people in this article have been changed for privacy reasons