In Australian, it is estimated that there is $1.1 billion in unclaimed assets sitting in bank accounts, shares, investments or insurance policies. In most cases, owners are unaware they have these assets as they change addresses, move abroad, change marital status or take out and never update their life or other insurance policy. Likewise, if you have had a relative pass away and you haven’t looked into their inheritance clause or old investments, it might be that you are entitled to some assets you simply didn’t know existed.

At Investafind, we take pride in doing thorough research every time a client approaches us regarding their lost investments. We find lost shareholdings held by:

  • Individuals;
  • Joint ownership;
  • Deceased estate;
  • Company’s trusts;
  • Self-managed super fund (SMSF) for a minor;
  • Overseas residents.

Lost Shares can be acquired through:

  • Demutualisation – the process of changing a mutual or a co-operative into a public company;
  • Public Offering;
  • Employee Share Scheme;
  • Inheritance or gift.

The unfortunate reality of the investment world is that identity theft is a very real danger. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the businesses and the shareholders we work with, we perform identity checks every time we start an investment recovery to make sure that we’re working with the rightful owner of those investments.

The type of documents we need might change on an individual basis, but in general, we would need 100 points of ID and certified documents such as license, Medicare card and a current bill in your name. We understand this is sensitive data and we handle all information with the utmost confidentiality. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

It’s hard to say exactly as this can vary from case to case, but the average time our clients wait is approximately between two to four weeks upon receipt of your full documentation. About 70% of our clients receive money back within 2.5 weeks after we start the process.

We encourage our clients to always do their due diligence when selecting a company to look after their lost shares and investments. R.G.B. PTY. LTD., trading as Investafind, is a business registered in Queensland. You can verify our status with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission here.

Originally traded as ‘R.G.B. PTY. LTD., recently re-branded to Investafind.

We would love to hear from you. If you suspect that you could be the owner of lost shares and investments and you don’t know how to recover them, give us a call.

Our team of experts will assess your situation and offer advice on the best possible course of action.

We rely very much on our excellent reputation to liaise and work closely with government agencies, registrars, brokers, legal firms and financial advisors to claim lost assets and investments. We also collaborate with reputable international researchers and lawyers which gives us a unique opportunity to operate globally on assets recovery. We would be happy to speak with your financial or legal advisor at any time.

First, we would encourage you to treat any correspondence that promises to recover lost assets for you or to give you money with great precaution. Always verify who that correspondence comes from and alert the authorities if anything looks amiss.

Investafind can verify that letter for you and, if the asset is genuine, we can find and recover this asset for you. In the process, we often do full research for possible other shares and investments, so our clients often leave with more than they expected.

Once we receive the necessary documentation from you and background checks have been performed (if required), we can usually sell your shares the same day they’re recovered. The sales proceeds would be paid out to you within 7-10 days after the sale is completed.

Shares held by a deceased estate can easily be recovered and re-assigned to another entity. We require a certified copy of the probate, will, letter of administration (whichever applicable) and the death certificate in order to complete the process. We will also need all executors to sign the share sale form.

We appreciate how hard it is to lose someone dear, so we aim to make the process of managing deceased estate as easy as possible. You would need to provide supporting documents such as a death certificate or power of attorney for us to be able to commence the process. We then follow our standard process for asset recovery and we will contact you once that is completed to confirm how you’d like these shares and investments managed.

Investafind assists clients with transferring or changing shareholding ownerships. Joint shareholdings can be separated into individual holdings or they can be transferred to another person. You would need to complete an application form (provided by us upon request) and provide as much detail and supporting documentation as possible about the joint ownership. Our customer relations team will process your application and contact you with the next steps on how to change your ownership.

Once we have verified that you are the rightful owner and we have updated the records with your details, you will be able to sell your shares through our office by filling out a sales form provided by our team.


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