Simon Recovered $13,000 of Lost CBA Shares & Dividends

Unclaimed assets are a common problem for many Australians. In fact, there is an estimated $1.5 billion of lost assets in Australia – and some of that could be yours.

More often than not, large amounts of assets go unclaimed or remain dormant because the owners are simply unaware of their existence.

Investafind specialises in reovering lost shares and investments by collaborating with a trusted pool of financial brokers, accountants and solicitors.

Simon is one of our clients. Over time he had lost track of his CBA shares and was no longer being notified about his dividend payments. We first contacted Simon via a letter in 2020 notifying him of his lost assets.

Simon was at first suspicious when he received our letter, so he did some investigating.

“I got my financial management dealers (including Morgan Stanley) to do some background checks, and everything checked out after I did the investigation.”

After ticking all of Simon’s boxes, he was comfortable to get in contact with Investafind to learn on how to proceed.

“There was trust built up between myself and the representatives at Investafind – Once everything was explained, they managed to satisfy all of my needs.”

Simon soon sent us a letter of confirmation to go ahead with the process. We put everything on the table so that he would have a clear understanding of what was involved. Six weeks later, we had recovered his assets.

“It was really good to see Investafind come back to me first, without me having to ask them – They really did come to the party!

The people up front were exactly that – upfront. They gave me that degree of confidence I needed to move forward.”

We asked Simon how he would describe Investafind to a friend:

“When it comes to recovering lost assets, trust between the parties is a major factor, and Investafind definitely did that for me. I would recommend anyone who was unsure about recovering lost assets to trust that Investafind would help them recover them.”

The average Investafind client recovers over $8,000 in lost assets.

If you think you have lost assets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The names of people in this article have been changed for privacy reasons