Signs of Identity Theft

If your identity has been stolen, you may not realise for some time. These are some signs to look out for:

  • Unusual bills or charges that you don’t recognise appear on your bank statement.
  • Mail that you’re expecting doesn’t arrive.
  • You get calls following up about products and services that you’ve never used.
  • Strange emails appear in your inbox.
  • Report it to the police
    Report it to your local police department. Ask for the police report number so you can give it to your bank.
  • Contact your bank
    Contact your bank so they can block the account. This will stop a scammer from accessing your money. You may also need to cancel any credit or debit cards linnked to your accounts.
  • Change your passwords
    If someone has stolen your identity, they may know your passwords. Change your passwords straight away. Think about all of your online accounts, including social media and other bank accounts.
  • Report it to the relevant websites
    If you think someone has hacked into your online accounts, report it to the relevant websites.
  • Alert family and friends
    If someone has taken over your social media accounts or your email address, alert your family and friends. Tell them to block the account.
  • Report it to the ACCC
    The ACCC’s Scamwatch collects data about scams in Australia. Your report helps Scamwatch create scam alerts to warn the community.
  • Contact IDCARE
    IDCARE is a free service that will work with you to develop a plan to limit the damage of identity theft.

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