HOCHTIEF Off-market takeover of CIMIC/Leighton Holdings –Lost shares you didn’t even know you had

Construction company giant HOCHTIEF announced on 23 February 2022 its intention to acquire all the shares in CIMIC Group Limited (CIMIC) – (formerly Leighton Holdings), that it did not own for $22.00 cash per CIMIC Share.

The offer was ultimately successful, and on 22 April 2023, HOCHTIEF completed its acquisition of the outstanding CIMIC Shares in exchange for approximately 118 million additional HOCHTIEF Australia Shares.

Did you know there are 43,121 Shareholders in CIMIC (formerly Leighton Holdings)?

If you are a CIMIC or Leighton Holdings shareholder, you may be missing out on lost shares.

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Did you know?

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