Find Lost Shares for AMP, AXA, National Mutual

Find Your Share for AMP, AXA, National Mutual

AMP has launched a campaign to find 43,000 ‘lost’ shareholders and connect them with their 22 million shares and $13 million worth of lost dividends. There are a number of reasons why AMP may have lost touch with you: you may have moved and not notified them, or, your email address is no longer valid, or, the bank account on your shareholding is no longer valid.

Shares were issued to AMP policy holders in 1998 when the company demutualised. In addition, AMP and AXA merged in 2011. Therefore if you held National Mutual (in 1996) or AXA shares, they may now be AMP Limited shares. 

Shares were issued to AMP Life Insurance policy holders in 1998 when the company demutualised. Shares were NOT issued to superannuation policy holders.

The average tranche of unclaimed shares is around 520 with the largest about 68,000. Twenty-two thousand shareholders have unclaimed dividends, ranging from about $600 to $25,000. Most “lost” shareholders live in Sydney and Victoria while about 4600 are New Zealanders. 

The average lost shareholder is a 63-year-old male. There are 352 lost Johns, 322 lost Peters and 100 lost shareholders called Margaret, according to AMP.

About 4400 of the shareholders have died, which means around 3.4 million shares are eligible to be transferred to beneficiaries.

Investafind assists AMP, lost shareholders by tracing the holders or investments.

  • Unpaid Dividends
    If AMP has been unable to pay dividends for more than 6 years (as bank account details have not been provided), these payments are now classed as Lost/Unclaimed, as required by the Unclaimed Monies Act.
  • Dormant Shareholding
    Please contact us as you may still have an dormant shareholding – deemed Lost/Abandonded.
  • Make a claim
    To make a claim for a Lost Shareholding you will need to provide; your full name, DOB, current and previous addresses, phone number.
  • Confirm Identity
    You will need to provide proof of your identity to confirm you are a match with our records.

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