Client Testimonial – Anne’s Forgotten Employee Shares

At the time of receiving the letter from Investafind, Anne and her son were living in Portarlington, Victoria.

Initially, Anne found this a little odd, as the letter was addressed to Anne’s married name – one that she hadn’t used for almost 25 years after the end of her marriage.

Anne’s son decided that calling Investafind was the best course of action. When they did, they were encouraged to do their own research and speak to a lawyer friend, who helped confirm that Investafind is a genuine Australian company that connects people to their lost shares.

Anne explains that, “The process of recovering my lost shares was made simpler by the girls in the Investafind office. They stepped me through what I had to do and followed up afterwards.”

“Without Investafind’s help, I probably wouldn’t have done anything, but I’m glad I did because I got some money [laughs].”

Anne had worked for her previous employer for 35 years, and without any paperwork on hand, completely forgot about her employee shares.

“I expect they were most likely trying to find me by my previous name, but this was probably made more difficult because I had moved twice since my employment ended.”

“At 64 years old, I’m not very technical but with Investafind they made the process so much easier.”

“To my son’s surprise and delight, I halved the money with him to help pay for raising his own children and building his house.”

“Thank you for pursuing me, Investafind. I’m truly grateful.”

The name’s of people in this story have been changed for privacy reasons.