Barbara’s Lost Shares, Found

Whether you’re the type who gets a kick out of the fluctuating figures of a stock portfolio, or are completely clueless when it comes to finances, shares can be lost by anyone.

For much of her life, Barbara* fell into the latter category. It’s easy to understand why – with her first husband working as a banker there was no need for her to be the financial wiz of the relationship.

That all changed when she divorced, and along with her friends, started researching shares to buy for herself.

With the help of a stockbroker friend, she decided to invest in a number of different companies, including Coles and Wesfarmers.

A career change or two later, Barbara married her second husband, an international businessman.

Together they had six children, and despite a newfound financial savviness, she understandably lost touch with the investments as her focus shifted to raising the kids.

By the time Investafind contacted her about her blossoming shares, she had forgotten about them completely. Compounding matters was the fact that they were owing to her previous name, and the address on the lost assets was care of ANZ bank, not a residential address.

“When I received the letter [from Investafind] I remembered that I had an old friend who was finding lost shares for people, so I knew that businesses like Investafind existed,” Barbara explained.

“If that wasn’t the case, I probably wouldn’t have believed what I was being told and would have thought it was a scam.”

Fortunately for Barbara, she trusted the friendly team at Investafind, and was quickly reunited with a handsome sum.

Being the supportive mother she is, she plans to use the funds to help her youngest child progress through her award-winning photography career.

If you think you have employee shares or dividends, but aren’t quite sure of how to retrieve them, don’t fret – Investafind is here to help.

With a simple call to our team, we’ll help you discover your missing finances, and ensure you’re kept updated every step of the way.

Reach out today online or by phone to join the many Australians who are enjoying a better life thanks to rediscovered shares.

*Names in this article have been changed due to privacy reasons.