Are you a New Zealander with unclaimed assets in Australia? Congratulations, now what?

Kia ora,

Could you do with a bit of extra cash to splurge on luxuries or just to take care of the bills? Maybe you’ve got a big purchase coming up and need a little more money in your pocket…or perhaps you’re struggling to cover your monthly living expenses.

There is a wealth of unclaimed shares in Australia, including many thousands of New Zealand residents who have lived or worked in Australia.

In Australia, we have a big problem with lost shares. If you’ve owned shares in the past but have since moved addresses or changed banks; or even if your company has been acquired or delisted on the Australian Stock Exchange; there’s a good chance that you may be entitled to some juicy cash without even realising it.

Case study
Jamie, a recent New Zealand client, currently living in Australia hired Investafind to audit his portfolio to find what’s been missing.

We discovered that he had shares spread across several companies (including IRESS, Rio Tinto, ANZ, South 32, Telstra and Woolworths).

We reviewed his account and found he owned a total of ~$150,000 in lost shares, he also had outstanding dividends to the value of ~$20,000 that he wasn’t aware of.

Jamie was able to claim a total of ~$170,000 in lost funds.

Investafind provides this service at no out-of-pocket expense, rather we only deduct a small fee out of his claim on completion.

If you are a New Zealander living in Australia, or if you previously lived in Australia, we recommend using our services.

How Investafind retrieves your lost funds:
We understand that losing funds is hard enough, so we want to make the claim process as easy as possible. That’s why we take all the hassle out of tracing down your lost shares and investments. We allocate a Case Manager who will do the hard work for you.

  1. Search: Armed with industry knowledge, technical expertise and locating abilities, we find the rightful owner or lost assets.
  2. Match: If we find a match you will be sent a confirmation by mail or email with instructions on the next steps.
  3. Identity: You will need to provide proof of your identity to confirm you are a match with our records.
  4. Assistance: If further assistance is required a member of the Investafind Relations team will be in contact with you.
  5. Progress: A case update will be emailed or mailed to you around halfway through the process. The case update outlines all monies owing and proof of the old assets.
  6. Payment: Claimants will receive a payment processing sales receipt on completion of their case by email or mail. Payment can be processed by Cheque or Direct Deposit.

Give yourself a treat and make sure you have all that you are entitled to contact us today on 07 5619 5976 for a free consultation.

*The name of the person in this article has been changed for privacy reasons