4 Helpful Ways to Keep Track of Your Shares (and What to do if You Lose Them)

Company shares are an important asset for workers and retirees, but as many can attest, they can be all too easy to lose track of.

To understand the scale of this problem, you need only look at how much money is currently awaiting collection throughout Australia. Billions have been disconnected from their rightful owners, and a significant proportion of these collective riches come courtesy of lost employee shares and dividends.

To save your funds from slipping into this dormant stockpile, here are some simple yet effective tips that make monitoring shares a breeze.

1. Subscribe to Company Alerts

In this online age, taking full advantage of digital alerts can pay dividends … so to speak.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s free alert service is a great place to start. Once signed up, you’ll receive emails whenever major documents are submitted to the department by your nominated companies. Covering debt declarations, financial documents, takeovers, buy-backs, deregistration’s and more, the information on offer is comprehensive.

Services like this not only act as a reminder of where your shares are located, but they also provide valuable insights into how they can benefit you now, and how they’re likely to perform in the future. All you have to do is register, sit back, and wait for the good news to start rolling in.

2. Refer to Company Reports

Company reports might not always make for the most exciting reading but doing so is a great way to keep abreast of company performance, changes of strategy, and perhaps most importantly, takeover plans.

Remember, any major company announcement has the potential to drastically alter the value of their shares, so keeping a close eye on these reports can help you determine when you’re able to get the biggest bang for your buck. If you’ve misplaced the physical copy you received in the post, most can be found through a quick Google search.

3. Download a Dedicated Shares App

Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to dedicated share tracking apps. Whether you use Apple or Android, there’s an option to suit any need.

InvestSMART, for example, is a versatile portfolio management app that allows investors to track and manage their shares for free. With access to a stock ‘Health Check’ service, as well as market research and investment recommendations on its paid membership tier, this is an elegant solution for those that are a little more tech savvy.

Bear in mind when using an app that they’re often focused on broad-appeal and may lack the granular company detail of the aforementioned share tracking methods on this list.

4. Invest Through Cake Equity

This Australian owned and operated platform is ideal for start-up owners in need of easy ESOP sharing.

Just three simple steps are all that’s required to allocate shares via Cake Equity. Just select the percentage that you’d like to distribute, before issuing the shares to employees, and signing the contracts online. It’s an effortless process, and once complete, keeping track of the shares is, well, a piece of cake.

Admittedly this isn’t a viable option for everyone, but those working for a startup would do well to drop a few hints to their boss that Cake is the way to go. It could save all parties a lot of headaches down the road.

What To Do If You Think You Have Lost Shares

If you think you have employee shares or dividends, but aren’t quite sure of how to retrieve them, don’t fret – Investafind is here to help.

Our dedicated team are experts in tracking down shares, dividends, and other funds you’re owed. They may be hidden amongst obscure company databases, awaiting collection in deceased estates, or be lost due to a change in shareholder details, but no matter the obstacle, we have the expertise to recover all that you’re entitled to.

Starting your claim is as simple as giving the friendly team a call, and once underway, we’ll keep you updated about the status of your claim and any matches to unclaimed assets.

Reach out today online or by phone to join the many Australians who are enjoying a better life thanks to their rediscovered finances.